Writing Online

It now seems foreign to consider writing in a full fledged word processor, only to copy it over to a CMS, then publish it online. There was a time when writing your blog post in Wordpress or another online editor just wasn’t acceptable, but that’s no longer the case. If you’re writing for the web, there’s a good chance that you’re also writing on the web.

Writing online is currently a blossoming space. The seed was planted, it grew, and finally it’s beginning to show some beauty.

There’s a subtle, but important, uprising happening both in the way people write online and why people write online. Services are coming of age, questioning their roots and beginning to shed the past in favor of a new level of experience. Money and success are also no longer results, but prerequisites to typing this connected content.

The ‘blog’ was only the spark, the catalyst, that put a vision is the minds of those with creative tendencies, blogging was accessibility, not the revolution. The revolution hasn’t happened yet.

Individuals are finally coming together to out publish traditional publishers. As evident by Medium, Svbtle, and the iOS app The Magazine. Simplicity, beauty, and beyond all, compelling content is starting to transition power from a few groomed individuals, to those with passion and endurance. Wordpress has users that are keeping their software in business, but they haven’t converted those users into paid contributors for a single source, aiming to produce high quality content coming at you from every angle that you can think. They should, or they’re going to get left behind.

Music discovery – I believe – needs to be curated by both machines and humans and writing is the same way. The machines sort, organize, and manipulate the data, while humans provide the answer to “Is this good?”

A year from now the world of online publishing is going to look a lot different , and very few see it coming.


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