The Best Streaming Music Service in 2015?

The Sweet Setup is a site that aims to help the average person decide which apps and services are best suited for them.

I wrote a post for the site in 2014 which I picked Rdio as the music service people should be using. In 2015, that recommendation no longer holds true and I wrote a follow up post for The Sweet Setup which now recommends Spotify.

Spotify is the go-to choice right now because it has nearly every feature other services have, it has the most users (your friends,) plus it’s gotten really good at what it does.

Apple Music is a very close second and is extremely promising, but lacks some features and has some software bugs out of the gate.

Once Apple Music gains an Android app, Sonos support, and more stability and consistency, it will be a force in the music industry.

Not only is Spotify the best option, but it’s the service least likely to call it quits on music anytime soon. You may want to switch at some point, but it shouldn’t be because you’re forced to change music services.

Apple Music is also a good choice and I like it, but there will likely be too many caveats through the rest of 2015 for it to be universally recommended quite yet.


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