Q&A With Dallas


Individually, the members of DALLAS have worked with musical acts currently creating the future of pop music, but together they are creating their own infectious sound. These few questions with lead singer Josh Hendrick should serve as a brief introduction as the band gets ready to release their new self-titled EP on July 9th.

Why create Dallas? What I mean is, people in the band are doing interesting things on their own, what makes Dallas worth the investment to you guys?

Those accomplishments are building the portfolio of other artists. DALLAS is ours. It’s what we can come home to and be proud to show off without having to say “I contributed to this.” We love each other too much to let someone contribute something that sucks. At the end of the day, each of us can say “This is me” and be proud.

Thinking of the creative spark, what influences have impacted each of you recently?

In my mind, the worst thing a band can do is take someone else’s recent original work and allow that to shape what they do next. We do a great job of keeping what is influencing each of us musically to ourselves. We also do a great job of talking to each other about life. No one has ever needed to say “We should write a song about that.” The area where we are like-minded is that melody rules the writing process. We think of ourselves as guests in someone else’s head. We don’t want to over-stay our welcome and we certainly don’t want to be turned away at the door.

Out of the 4 songs on the new EP, which was the biggest struggle from start to finish?

“Weatherford” was the most difficult song to finish. We had one outstanding element that we knew couldn’t be tampered with and that made it difficult to write around. We weren’t sure if we needed to stay out of its way or try to create something to rise above that part. Some songs write themselves and others, like “Weatheford,” make you work for the end result.

What’s on the horizon? Basically how far and serious is the band trying to take the music?

I’m not sure that is entirely up to us. We will give people what they want within our means. If that’s touring, if that’s a full length record, we will do it. The question is what do people want from us?


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