Interview With BOY

Here’s some questions I did with Sonja Glass of the female Pop duo, BOY. The questions originally appeared on the blog.

The single, “Little Numbers” just released in the US and was featured on iTunes, how has the reception been? Any different than releasing the album in another country?

It is so exciting to know that our music can be heard somewhere that is so far away from our home. We are going to play in the US in March for the first time, so we don’t really have a feeling of what to expect. But we are looking forward to it. And of course, it’s a very special thing for us.

Mutual Friends has already been out for over a year in different countries, selling more than 100,000 copies, how do you keep the songs fresh as a performer?

For me it really varies – one night you feel more touched by one song, another night it can well be different one. But we love the music we play and we still love to play it ,and I’m glad that it’s like that. We also have different “coats” for the songs. We play a lot with the full band, but we also have acoustic setups with only one or two further musicians. And sometimes, there’s just the two of us. That way we try to keep it fresh.

Can you walk me through your creative process? Do you have (any) routines or goals in mind when writing?

For me there’s no real routine whilst writing. In the beginning every song is an adventure and you never know what direction it will eventually take. Especially, since we don’t sit in one room together when we start on new songs. It’s more that we develop the songs by emailing ideas back and forth until we think that we’re onto something. And as soon as we have a collection of a few songs together, we will go to the studio with our producer an work on the details. That generally tends to be a very long process, as we want all of us to be fully satisfied with what we’ve come up with when the song is finished.

What are some of your passions beyond music? Do you have hobbies you like to do in-between touring or things you do when you go on tour?

To be honest, we haven’t had much time to spend on things other than our music over the year and a half. When we’re at home, we want to see our friends, we like to dance to hiphop music and sometimes we do yoga. Or we read a book or go to the movies – the things everyone does when there’s time. No bungie jumping or free climbing involved, even though I would love to live like a cowboy for a while. I always imagine them to be free and wild. But I guess it’s only a romantic view on a very tough job.

I realize the focus is on getting people (US Market) familiar with ‘Mutual Friends’, but for those eager fans, can you share any information on new songs?

We are definitely slow writers and perfectionists. At least that’s what other people say. And we don’t write on tour. So it will take us some time to finish our second album. The good news is that we’ve already started to write new songs. But it’s still a little too early to talk about it at this point, I’m afraid.

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