Things To Consider When Buying A Tesla Model 3

Part of the appeal of Tesla’s Model 3 is that it’s an attractive car, one that you’d expect to pay $35,000 for, regardless of its fuel consumption methods.

It’s got a sleek and sporty look. It has an eye-popping 15-inch screen as its center console and vehicle controls. Plus, it’s relatively fast.


The problem with the Model 3 is that it’s possibly too desirable, teasing a price that’s mostly unrealistic. Here’s a breakdown of the cost realities you should expect from actually buying a Model 3 with 220 miles of range:

 Base price does not include:

 Extra items to consider

Items that won’t show up on Tesla’s site when configuring a new car:

 What a Model 3 will likely cost most people

Let’s suppose you can afford a Model 3 and have a little extra money to play with on top of the base configuration, how much is the car likely to cost an average person? Here are two different scenarios:

Standard model: $35,000


Long Range model: $44,000


 Miscellaneous notes

First, I do think $35,000 for the standard car and options is completely reasonable. There’s a reason Tesla is the first electric car at this price. Even Chevy’s uglier Bolt is more expensive.

The two options I think will be very tempting for people and hard to resist will be the premium upgrades package and the enhanced Autopilot. Because of the price, I also imagine people won’t get both and will pick between the two.

Unless someone wanted black to begin with, I think the $1,000 price for a different color won’t be a deterrent.

You can find the full list of options, both standard and upgradable on Electrek

I didn’t mention the rebates for electric vehicles from both the federal government and state governments for the simple fact that they are not unlimited funds and could run out. They will be nice for a lot of people, but it shouldn’t be the reason to buy the car. You can fnd out more information about the requirements for those at: Plugincars


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