Ra Ra Riot - Beta Love

Beta Love

I can appreciate the effort a band puts in, to make sure every release is not a copy of the last. That’s how Ra Ra Riot’s newest album ‘Beta Love’ comes across, like the band took their “sound,” updated/tweaked it slightly and put together a collection of cohesive songs. That’s not too say the album is absolute gold, it’s not, but Ra Ra Riot has another solid release on their hands.

I worry though that the electronic edge that glows from 'Beta Love’ may not have been a 'feel it in your gut’ decision, and rather, just a 'the markets went this direction’ move. Never once does the word 'gimmicky’ come to mind, only compared to 'The Orchard’ (the band’s previous album) does this new release feel so different.

Regardless of the band’s motives, the songs ultimately speak for themselves and these songs scream “Good time.” Mostly filled with quick hits of the snare drum, keeping the pace snappy, “When I Dream” changes things up and fulfills, what has now become tradition, the slow jam.

When the title track was released for 'Beta Love’ I was excited. The album did not fall below my high expectations and so I count it a raging success.

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