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Tumblr #Music is now “The official guide to all things music on tumblr.” With the new blog site, the #music tag is now officially being tracked by hand picked content from editors across the music spectrum. What does this mean for you or music discovery? Probably not much actually. It means that people usually Tumblr in a casual manner will have more opportunities for exposure to new music and music related events, but aside from that, there seems to be little impact on music enthusiasts right now. With Tumblr’s growth and engagement however, them sticking a toe in the music waters can only be a good thing. Facebook is so big that whatever they do is imminently “successful,” but if Tumblr is serious about music discovery and other facets of the space, then watch out Facebook.

Tumblr Music

Sonos PlayBar

There’s a lot that could be said about Sonos, the wireless speaker system that allows playback from nearly any music service, but I’ll try and keep it to the PlayBar. Sonos has already proven they can provide quality sound, so the company introducing a high(er) end sound bar that is also a standalone wireless speaker is a big deal. Bose’s sound bar is pretty great, but it also costs $1200+. At $699 the PlayBar is not accessible to anyone buying a new sound bar, but it is more so in comparison. This is the company’s gateway drug. The PlayBar will be the flagship Sonos device within the next year and if they can get the price down to at least $499, these things will fly on the shelves.

Billboard Adds Online Music Services To The Mix

Specifically Youtube now. It’s a nice gesture, but I think Billboard is too late to the internet. Their name is the biggest and best thing about them. If you want to see the future of music charts and tracking visit Next Big Sound.

Phoenix - “Entertainment”

The band released their first single from the new album, ‘Bankrupt!’. I went back and listened to their break out album, ‘Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix’, and it holds up. Save for the middle instrumental section that completely breaks up the album, it’s good. This band is probably screwed no matter what they do so hopefully the album is something they believe in when the dust settles.

“Entertainment” on Youtube


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